X350 Digital Roll to Roll Label Press

X350 Digital Roll to Roll Label Press

  • $1.00

Ideal for printing on a range of materials, including die-cut and continuous labels, as well as flexible packaging, the X350 aims to support a variety of product applications without compromising on print quality or operational efficiency.

Discover how the X350 can fit into your workflow and help meet your printing demands in the details below.

  • Durable and Food-safe* CMYK inks
  • Small footprint, low energy usage
  • Up to 45m/min print speed
  • Print labels or flexible packaging films

* Food migration tests PASSED

X350 Details

Versatile Capabilities

The X350 Digital Roll to Roll Press offers versatile and efficient solutions for your printing needs, perfect for handling a variety of projects such as continuous labels, die-cut labels, and flexible packaging materials. Designed to enhance your printing capabilities, the X350 enables you to confidently embrace new and diverse projects with ease.

Durable and Food-Safe Inks

At the heart of the X350’s performance are its durable pigment inks. These inks are not only BS 5609 certified, indicating they meet stringent standards for maritime shipment label durability, but they are also resistant to water, UV, and other elements, ensuring your prints last longer. Moreover, they are safer for indirect food contact (having passed migration tests) and are more environmentally friendly than traditional solvent-based inks. This makes the X350 an ideal choice for food packaging and businesses aiming for eco-conscious practices.

High-Volume Capability

The X350 boasts large ink tanks, each capable of holding 2L of CMYK ink, with an option to upgrade to 5L tanks for even longer uninterrupted operation. Its ability to accommodate a 350mm max media width and a 350mm max outside diameter endows the X350 with the capacity for larger runs, significantly boosting productivity.

Energy and Space Efficient

This press’s energy-efficient design sets a new standard, maintaining high performance while significantly reducing energy consumption compared to competitor machines. Additionally, its compact and straightforward design occupies only about 0.7 square meters of space, making it an excellent choice for operations where floor space is at a premium.

Supreme Print Quality

A standout feature of the X350 is its 2x nozzle redundancy. This advanced technology minimizes lines and aids in producing smooth colors and gradations, ensuring reliability and reducing maintenance needs.

2x nozzle redundancy diagram for the Afinia Label X350 roll to roll digital label press

Touchscreen and RIP

The printer’s user-friendly interface features a 21-inch touchscreen, packed with advanced options and remote connectivity for convenient management of printing jobs from anywhere. Combined with powerful cloud-based RIP software, the X350 simplifies your printing process, providing precise control and variable data capabilities for a streamlined workflow and greater flexibility.

Ready to Elevate Your Printing Operations?

Discover the full potential of the X350 and how it can revolutionize your printing workflow. Contact us for pricing details and request a free printed sample to firsthand experience the unparalleled quality and capabilities of the X350. Whether you’re in the business of producing high-volume labels, flexible packaging, or any project requiring supreme print quality and efficiency, the X350 is designed to meet your needs.

The gist: Mid-level production and industrial build quality. Medium initial cost and ink cost per label. Great for durable applications (BS5069 certified), gaining in-house production flexibility, and reducing long term labeling costs.