DLP-2200 Digital Label Press

DLP-2200 Digital Label Press

  • $98,000.00

DLP-2200 Digital Label Press with Inline Rotary Finishing

30–60 ft/min (9-18 m/min)
Semi-rotary die (flexible steel)
The gist: Produce fully-finished labels in a single pass. Print, laminate, die cut, remove waste, slit, and rewind to ready-for-use rolls. Ideal for private labelers and large brands needing high volumes of labels and repeat sizes.

    The DLP-2200 is the fastest and most advanced digital label press in its class. Capable of printing, die-cutting, and finishing labels at up to 60 feet per minute, this full-featured workhorse can laminate, die cut, remove waste, slit, and rewind finished rolls that are ready for application.

    Large Press Production

    The DLP-2200 provides high-end features at a fraction of the cost, making it ideal for private labelers and large brands who need to produce high volumes of labels. With the L901 Digital Label Printer inline, this machine can produce more than 25,000 full-color 3×4-inch labels per hour. Bringing label production in house eliminates the need to outsource labels, resulting in faster turnaround times, greater control and flexibility, and thousands of dollars saved.

    With a large roll media capacity of 18.1″ (460mm) outer diameter—or approximately 1000 meters of material—the DLP-2200 is a label press fit for high-volume production.

    Simple Operation

    No press experience is necessary to operate the DLP-2200. Its intuitive interface makes it easy to control machine status and job controls. In addition, the separate automatic tension controls require less operator intervention, which minimizes the need for a highly-skilled press operator.

    • Fast & affordable flexible steel dies
    • Very fast finishing (≤ 12 IPS)
    • Memjet-powered L901 included
    • Best for repeat jobs, blank labels

    DLP-2200 Details

    Inline Lamination

    The DLP-2200 has a built-in lamination system, allowing for inline lamination that produces minimal noise and gives labels maximum durability. A sound-dampening roller reduces sound produced by self-wound lamination films. The option to use quiet-release laminate with a liner is also available via the liner rewind mandrel.

    Fast Setup & Media Changeover

    The DLP-2200 has a simple paper path that makes job setup fast and easy. Its splicing table enables fast media changeover, which is essential for those who need to produce labels using different materials. This reduces downtime and increases productivity.

    Digital Web Guide

    The DLP-2200’s digital web guide ensures precise cutting and clean rewind, making it easy to produce high-quality labels. With this feature, the machine can accurately position the die, ensuring that the labels are cut precisely.

    Flexible Die Accommodation

    The DLP-2200 has an 18-inch magnetic cylinder that can accept affordable flexible steel dies. These dies are low in cost and can be quickly created, allowing for fast changeover between jobs. The machine also has easy die alignment, which makes it easy to align the dies with the registration marks.

    Pressure-Accurate Gauges

    The DLP-2200 has pressure-accurate gauges, allowing for precise die pressure control. This feature ensures that the labels are cut accurately and consistently, which is essential for producing high-quality labels.

    Easy Weeding

    The DLP-2200 provides waste removal options for different shapes, making it easy to remove the waste from the labels. With this feature, the machine can quickly weed out the waste, ensuring that the labels are clean and ready for application.

    Inline Slitting

    The DLP-2200’s inline slitting feature makes it easy to separate narrow rolls of labels. With this feature, the machine can quickly slit the rolls, which reduces the need for a separate slitting process.

    Split-Mandrel Rewind

    The DLP-2200 has a split-mandrel rewind feature, ensuring clean, tight, and consistent finished rolls. This feature allows the machine to produce finished rolls that are easy to remove from the press and are ready for application.